This is the story of DaySmart Software...

Incorporated in 1999, DaySmart Software has become nationally recognized as the leading automated business software program, with successful sales across many professional categories such as salons, day spas, medical spas, pet grooming and many other entrepreneurial business categories. Based in Wixom, Michigan, DaySmart Software consists of several different software system programs that target specific businesses. Salon Iris started as the company's leading software product, and continues to be the most popular software of the suite of products.

As the business grew quickly over the years, DaySmart Software has developed the own unique systems for research, learning and development that makes them so successful today. The ongoing software system changes and updates are always based on business feedback. "We follow the business owners' lead, not a group of investors. Our team reviews each request that we receive, once or twice a week. We work together to gear the next versions of our software to fit their exact requests. Since all of our DaySmart Software company employees are in-house, we are able to move quickly and efficiently," notes Chris Jackson, VP of DaySmart Software.

The software products developed by DaySmart Software helps businesses to save a tremendous amount of time. By tracking appointments, calculating payroll, keeping track of inventory, storing clients' notes, and so much more - employees have more time to focus on their clients while ensuring they are happy and to keep them coming back. The DaySmart Software team prides themselves on building a broad-based top quality product based upon business owner's requests. They remain committed to providing only the best in state-of-the-art technological advances.

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